Drug Description and Types

Do you suffer from problems with erection? If your healthcare expert has prescribed original Viagra for you, but you don’t want to spend so much money on this expensive medicament, there is a way out: you can use Indian Viagra. Reading this article, you will learn all about this drug, from the history of its occurrence to the most popular types (forms).

History of Viagra from India

Sildenafil citrate was invented by the American company Pfizer during the development of a drug for the treatment of heart disease. However, volunteers and researchers found that the substance had a weak effect on the heart, but it improved the erection. Studies continued in a new way, resulting in sildenafil entering the market under the brand name Viagra. The drug had a high price so many manufacturers began to produce generic versions of sildenafil with a lower cost. Pfizer tried (and is trying now) to fight this activity, since genuine Viagra brings the company a lot of money. However, in many countries the patent for the drug no longer works, so generic drug makers have a legal right to produce sildenafil-based meds. The production and sale of medical remedies with sildenafil is widespread in India, where patent claims filed by Pfizer are not applied. Thanks to this fact and the developed pharmaceutical industry in India, Viagra India has become the most popular sildenafil generic drug in the world.

It is important to note that sildenafil from India features good quality. It is produced not by amateurs in the pharmaceutical market, but by well-known Indian companies, such as Ajanta Pharma Limited and Sunrise Remedies, that have been operating for a long time and have a huge experience in producing generic drugs.

Sildenafil Overview: Dosage, Form, Effect & Other


Usually sildenafil goes in three dosages: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. The recommended initial dosage of this drug is 50 mg. If it does not provide the proper effect, a man can switch to 100 mg of sildenafil (after consulting a doctor). A study by Loran OB et al. (2009) showed that switching to 100 milligrams improved patients’ satisfaction with treatment and their sexual experience. In addition, increased dosage helped men to reduce anxiety before and during sex. A 25 mg tablet is typically prescribed to patients who have kidney and some other diseases, since a larger amount of active substance can be dangerous to their health. The same dosage is usually taken by male persons over 65.


Branded sildenafil is available in the form of well-known blue tablets. A lot of generics are also available in the form of tablets. However, Indian companies have decided to improve the drug and have begun to come up with various forms of sildenafil.

For example, you can buy sildenafil in the form of jelly, dissolving tablets and even oral bands, which we will discuss further.

How does the medicament work?

It improves blood current in the penis by enhancing chemical reactions responsible for erection. Due to this, the arteries widen and the veins become narrower as a result of the sexual arousal of the male. Sildenafil Citrate is very effective for eliminating manifestations of erectile dysfunction. Its effectiveness is approximately 70-90% (depending on the dosage). That is, only 1-3 male individuals out of 10 may not get the needed effect. The way out may be an increase in dosage or a change of the drug (purchasing another generic).

This is important: you can take sildenafil only if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (organic or psychological).

It is not recommended to use the medicament without having medical indications.

In addition, do not take more than 100 mg per day (this is the maximum dosage). An overdose of sildenafil citrate can lead to undesirable effects affecting the cardiovascular system.

Any Interactions with Other Drugs & Food

  1. The first and most important thing to note is that sildenafil citrate cannot be combined with medications containing nitrates such as nitroglycerin. Nitrates are used to treat heart disease. The main mechanism of their action is the dilatation of blood vessels. Therefore, one of the side effects of nitrates is the antihypertensive alone. Sildenafil can also slightly lower blood pressure. Its combination with nitrates is very dangerous for health and can lead to a sharp drop in pressure.
  2. Treatment with erythromycin (macrolide antibiotic), cimetidine (inhibitor of stomach acid production) & ketoconazole (anti-fungal drug) is characterized by a decrease in clearance (the rate at which the medication is excreted from the body) and the subsequent increase in the content of sildenafil in the patient’s blood plasma. This should be considered when prescribing the drug. In general, it is recommended to inform a healthcare professional about all medications and dietary supplements that you are taking.
  3. Do not eat grapefruit during the treatment with sildenafil India. Grapefruit juice affects the pharmacokinetics of sildenafil, blocking certain substances in the walls of the small intestine, which prevent the absorption of medications into the body. Blocking of these substances leads to the fact that the body gets more active agent of the drug and its content in the blood rises sharply. Often this leads to an increased risk of side events.
  4. You can combine generic Viagra India with small dosages of alcohol. However, do not drink a lot of alcoholic beverages to avoid a significant drop in your arterial pressure due to vessels’ vasodilation. In addition, bear in mind that alcohol abuse can worsen sexual function and erection. Ethyl alcohol badly affects the production of testosterone (the most important men’s hormone).

Popular Generics of Sildenafil

Generic versions of sildenafil are produced by more than 50 pharmaceutical companies. You can choose a drug for every taste, starting with the usual tablets and ending with fruit jelly. Below you can find short descriptions of the most famous and most proven Indian sildenafil generic meds.

Viagra Plus

The medical remedy contains several vitamins, L-arginine, and ginseng in addition to sildenafil. Due to this, it provides complex effect improving libido and the condition of male reproductive system. Dosages: 100 and 50mg.

Viagra Oral Jelly

Jelly form of the drug is good for elderly male persons and individuals hating tablet swallowing. Viagra Oral Jelly is marketed in sachets containing 100mg of sildenafil.

Kamini Oral Jelly

Kamini is jelly sildenafil having fruit or wine taste. One 5g sachet includes 100mg of active component. This formulation quickly dissolves and provides fast effect.


It is a white anti-ED tablet. Silagra features a reasonable price and is manufactured in 100mg dose.


This tablet has a very unusual color and shape (red tablets looking like a red triangle with smoothed corners). Caverta contains 100 or 50mg of active agent.


Nizagara is a very effective modification of sildenafil. It comes in a round blue tablet form with 50 or 100 milligrams of key agent.

Gold Viagra

This medical remedy provides powerful effect as it contains 800mg of sildenafil. It’s advised to divide Gold Viagra pill into several parts if you have other health problems in addition to ED.

Red Viagra

It’s a generic powerful remedy containing sildenafil. Red Viagra is marketed as red pills with “C200” markings.


Suhagra it’s one of the most known variations of sildenafil. Classical form, reasonable price and high efficiency – these factors attract male patients when they buy the drug.

Novosil – Viagra Oral Strips

Novosil is the newest sildenafil citrate generic (50mg). It’s sold as oral strips that should be put on or under the tongue. They disintegrate very quickly providing fast onset of action.

Thin-Film Viagra

Thin-Film Viagra is another innovative medicament. It comes as film that dissolves in the mouth. The drug looks like a postage stamp.